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Congressen Dr. Verpaele

Op zeer regelmatige basis gaan Dr. Tonnard en Dr. Verpaele naar het buitenland om zo wereldwijd hun kennis te delen op internationale congressen. Hieronder vind je een overzicht van alle congressen en lezingen van Dr. Verpaele.




Naam congres
Februari '14
Madrid course
-Fat grafting in facial rejuvenation: how I do it
 -Capsulectomy in revisional surgery for capsular contracture and implant replacement. When is it mandatory?
-Sharp needle intradermal fat grafting (SNIF)
 -SNIF (sharp needle intradermal fat grafting) and nanofat grafting: a new era in lipofilling)
Facial rejuvenation by microfat grafting, SNIF (sharp needle intradermal fat grafting) and nanofat grafting
Safety of combined procedures in body contouring surgery
September '14
-Microfat, SNIF and Nanofat: Three Modalities of Lipofilling
-Midfacial Rejuvenation: A Volumetric Paradigm Shift
Oktober '14
North Carolina
-Safety and Efficacy of Lipofilling in Facial Rejuvenation
-Advanced Techniques and Managing Complications in Facelift Surgery Discussion Panel
-Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Technique and New Technologies in Facial Rejuvenation
November '14
-Three Modalities of Lipofilling: Microfat, SNIF & Nanofat
-Blind Spots in Facial Aesthetic Surgery: How to See Them and Treat Them
-Centrofacial Rejuvenation: The New Paradigm
-The Continuum of Facial Rejuvenation: When to Transition from Nonsurgical to Surgical
-Snif and Nanograft
-Macs lift: what we have learned from the beginning